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Drugs & Medications - Adcetris intravenous

Adcetris intravenous

Does Adcetris intravenous have side effects?

The following side effects are associated with Adcetris intravenous:

Common side effects of Adcetris intravenous:

Decreased Blood PlateletsSevere
Decreased Neutrophils a Type of White Blood CellSevere
Numbness, Tingling or Pain of Hands or FeetLess Severe
Throat PainLess Severe
Acute Infection of the Nose, Throat or SinusLess Severe
Incomplete or Infrequent Bowel MovementsLess Severe
ItchingLess Severe
Hair LossLess Severe
Joint PainLess Severe
BackacheLess Severe
Muscle SpasmLess Severe
Muscle PainLess Severe
Chronic Trouble SleepingLess Severe
FeverLess Severe
Low EnergyLess Severe
PainLess Severe
ChillsLess Severe
RashLess Severe
Trouble BreathingLess Severe
CoughLess Severe
Feel Like Throwing UpLess Severe
Throwing UpLess Severe
DiarrheaLess Severe
Intense Abdominal PainLess Severe
AnxiousLess Severe

Infrequent side effects of Adcetris intravenous:

Interstitial PneumonitisSevere
Bacterial Infection of the Kidney and Renal PelvisSevere
Urinary Tract InfectionLess Severe
Fluid Retention in the Legs, Feet, Arms or HandsLess Severe
Loss of AppetiteLess Severe
Weight LossLess Severe

Rare side effects of Adcetris intravenous:

Progressive Disease in the White Matter of the BrainSevere
Blood Clot in LungSevere
Supraventricular Cardiac ArrhythmiaSevere
The Presence of Air or Gas in the LungSevere
Acute Respiratory Distress SyndromeSevere
Stomach or Intestinal UlcerSevere
Blocked Bowels with Decreased Peristaltic MovementSevere
Stomach or Intestine BlockageSevere
Liver DamageSevere
Bleeding of the Stomach or IntestinesSevere
Toxic Epidermal NecrolysisSevere
Stevens-Johnson SyndromeSevere
High Amount of Bilirubin in the BloodSevere
Shock caused by a Severe Bacterial InfectionSevere
Abnormal Liver Function TestsSevere
Life Threatening Allergic ReactionSevere
Increased Uric Acid due to Cancer ChemotherapySevere
A Rupture in the Wall of the Stomach or IntestineSevere
High Blood SugarLess Severe

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