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MS Contin oral

Does MS Contin oral have side effects?

The following side effects are associated with MS Contin oral:

Common side effects of MS Contin oral:

Abnormally Low Blood PressureLess Severe
Incomplete or Infrequent Bowel MovementsLess Severe
DrowsinessLess Severe
Inducing of a Relaxed Easy StateLess Severe
Feeling FaintLess Severe
DizzyLess Severe
Excessive SweatingLess Severe
Feel Like Throwing UpLess Severe
Throwing UpLess Severe

Infrequent side effects of MS Contin oral:

Slow HeartbeatSevere
Vocal Cord SwellingSevere
A Spasm of the LarynxSevere
Collapsed Portion of LungSevere
Inflammation of Skin caused by an AllergySevere
Fast HeartbeatSevere
Change in PulseSevere
Trouble BreathingSevere
Giant HivesSevere
Reaction due to an AllergySevere
Involuntary Muscle MovementsSevere
Double VisionLess Severe
Blurred VisionLess Severe
Dry MouthLess Severe
Irritation of the Stomach or IntestinesLess Severe
Spasm of a Bile Duct TractLess Severe
Spasm of the Ureter or Tube Connecting Kidney to BladderLess Severe
Loss of AppetiteLess Severe
Head PainLess Severe
Kidney Problems Causing a Decreased Amount of Urine to be PassedLess Severe
NervousLess Severe
Feeling WeakLess Severe
Not Feeling WellLess Severe

Rare side effects of MS Contin oral:

Complete Stoppage of the HeartSevere
Problems with CirculationSevere
Lung Failure causing Loss of BreathSevere
Significant Decrease in Lung FunctionSevere
Blocked Bowels with No MovementSevere
Muscle StiffnessSevere
Decreased Calcification or Density of BoneSevere
Periods of Not BreathingSevere
Cannot Empty BladderSevere
Abnormal Liver Function TestsSevere
High Pressure Within the SkullSevere
Insufficiency of the Hypothalamus and Pituitary GlandSevere
Decreased Blood PlateletsSevere
Feeling RestlessLess Severe
Extreme Sense of Well BeingLess Severe
DepressionLess Severe
Lazy EyeLess Severe
Pain in the EyeLess Severe
Abnormal DreamsLess Severe
Widening of Blood VesselsLess Severe
IndigestionLess Severe
Inability to have an ErectionLess Severe
Painful PeriodsLess Severe
Absence of Menstrual PeriodsLess Severe
Dry SkinLess Severe
DeliriumLess Severe
Loss of MemoryLess Severe
Sensation of Spinning or WhirlingLess Severe
Chronic Trouble SleepingLess Severe
Involuntary QuiveringLess Severe
Abnormal Manner of WalkingLess Severe
UncoordinatedLess Severe
Visible Water RetentionLess Severe
Weight LossLess Severe
Excessive ThirstLess Severe
Voice DisorderLess Severe
HiccupsLess Severe
Difficulty SwallowingLess Severe
Difficult or Painful UrinationLess Severe
AnxiousLess Severe
Altered Interest in Having Sexual IntercourseLess Severe
Problem with EjaculationLess Severe
Narcotic AddictionLess Severe

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