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Drugs & Medications - amlodipine oral

amlodipine oral

Does amlodipine oral have side effects?

The following side effects are associated with amlodipine oral:

Common side effects of amlodipine oral:

Visible Water RetentionLess Severe
Fluid Retention in the Legs, Feet, Arms or HandsLess Severe

Infrequent side effects of amlodipine oral:

DrowsinessLess Severe
DizzyLess Severe
Low EnergyLess Severe
Temporary Redness of Face and NeckLess Severe
Heart Throbbing or PoundingLess Severe
Feel Like Throwing UpLess Severe
Stomach CrampsLess Severe

Rare side effects of amlodipine oral:

Extrapyramidal ReactionSevere
Yellowing of Skin or Eyes from Liver ProblemsSevere
Heart AttackSevere
Slow HeartbeatSevere
Abnormal Heart RhythmSevere
Abnormally Low Blood PressureSevere
Erythema MultiformeSevere
Abnormal Liver Function TestsSevere
Giant HivesSevere
Large Purple or Brown Skin BlotchesSevere
Decreased Blood PlateletsSevere
Decreased White Blood CellsSevere
Loss of One's Own Sense of Reality or IdentitySevere
Discolored Spots and Small Elevations of the SkinLess Severe
Numbness, Tingling or Pain of Hands or FeetLess Severe
Problems with EyesightLess Severe
Pain in the EyeLess Severe
Abnormal DreamsLess Severe
Ringing in the EarsLess Severe
Overgrowth of Gums Onto TeethLess Severe
Dry MouthLess Severe
Incomplete or Infrequent Bowel MovementsLess Severe
Enlarged BreastsLess Severe
ItchingLess Severe
Joint PainLess Severe
BackacheLess Severe
CrampsLess Severe
Sensation of Spinning or WhirlingLess Severe
Chronic Trouble SleepingLess Severe
Excessive SweatingLess Severe
Involuntary QuiveringLess Severe
NumbnessLess Severe
RashLess Severe
Loss of AppetiteLess Severe
Weight GainLess Severe
Weight LossLess Severe
Excessive ThirstLess Severe
NosebleedLess Severe
Fast HeartbeatLess Severe
Trouble BreathingLess Severe
Throwing UpLess Severe
Difficulty SwallowingLess Severe
GasLess Severe
DiarrheaLess Severe
Frequent UrinationLess Severe
Urination During the NightLess Severe
High Blood SugarLess Severe
NervousLess Severe
Numbness and TinglingLess Severe
Feeling WeakLess Severe
Not Feeling WellLess Severe
AnxiousLess Severe
Sexual ProblemsLess Severe

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